It’s often seen that management dealing with employee’s productivity and HR challenges mostly ignores the leave management process. Many firms still have the culture of paper pushing and employees are observed chasing their managers and wasting their time with applications and signature formalities.

Whereas managers have to maintain all the leave records and with the passage of time it becomes difficult to keep proper records and balance/history tracking.

However, if the leave management software is implemented this would save time and proper data can be maintained without any hassle while checking their leaves-balances, and earlier utilized leaves-history any time is not a big deal neither time consuming.

From early going to proper time off, and either short or long leaves all requests are routed to decision-makers (departmental heads/line managers/top management) for approval, at the same time leave management module is well integrated with the payroll module so there will be no chance of inaccuracy in salaries.

If a proper HR system is implemented at SMBs which can organize the entire function of leave management and other labor laws with the payroll module so the overall working of staff becomes more productive and all direct and indirect costs are cut down.

Manual working or any immature system brings many flaws with wastage of time and a single mistake can cause payroll errors and other legal problems, moreover the direct and indirect costs associated with these prove very costly for organizations.

What is leave management System?

A Leave Management System (LMS) helps companies manage to leave requests and grants/approval process. In short it automates the entire function, making it hassle-free for both the management and the employees.

The solution of your choice should be robust enough to seamlessly handle all the stages involved in a leave management process: application, approval/rejection, defining & setup of leave policies, tracking & managing leave balances, and analysis.

Firms that lack the efficiency to handle leave management face many issues and such flaws hinder the performance and affect the productivity and efficiency of the employees.

Imagine, if there are many employees and every month leave/payroll process is managed manually, it becomes highly difficult and very time consuming, besides the accuracy is also an extremely big concern.

To save time and efficiency of the resources and to stay updated on payroll pitfalls and to get a clear picture of each employee working and absenteeism a firm needs a robust leave management system.

Many in the market claim to be the best and offering different features, however, the one who knows FlowHCM can’t think beyond that for an ideal leave management module/software.

Why Leave Management System Is Important?

Mostly seen that management wants to keep employees busy all the time, but as a matter of fact, they also need some time off to rest, refresh and energize.

Due to nonstop working employees become unproductive at times, an effective Leave management module/system streamlines all the employees time-off and vacation/leave requests accurately and smartly, makes the leave tracking easy also minimizes the burden of HR eventually.

Challenges of Leave Management in an Organization?

When it comes to managing leave process, the challenges vary in different firms. It becomes difficult for Human Resource professionals to handle different HR processes due to the complexity and increasing number of employees.

However, leave management must be transparent and clear for everyone, or else the organization can face low productivity and downward performance by employees.

If the HR software or Leave management module is not compliant with the labor laws, employees don’t feel secure and they tend to switch the employer. In the long run, the organization instead of growing fast becomes slow and such HR/Leave management issues affect the overall growth of the firm.

Companies must have proper HR/Leave management application. Errors and flaws in employees leave records lead to inaccuracy in their payroll/salaries which results in demotivated workforce.  

Moreover, besides payroll errors the company can face performance tracking errors, miscommunication, productivity issues, planning and development challenges, transparency, employees’ conflict and policy breaking that leads to more disastrous consequences in the time to come.

Features of a Leave Management System/Module

A good (LMS) Leave Management System/Module saves time and automates the leave request process so smartly and easily thereby making it hassle-free for both employees and the management.

It provides the solution that seamlessly handles all the stages that are essential in a leave management process; from leave request to its approval and rejection, setup of leave policies, managing leave balance and leave history, and complete analysis etc.

The following functionalities are required for any up to the mark Leave Management System:

Single (All in One) Leave Dashboard

This feature helps HR staff and management to view leave analytics like yearly leave records employee-wise, leave calendar, leave trend analysis etc.

  • Cloud-based Leave Management System/Module

A cloud-based online leave management system/module that is accessible easily for anyone and it also helps in removing hassles like software installations, server/hosting issues, data backup and timely updates. This ensures apply, approve or reject leave requests from anywhere at any time.

  • Flexible System: Configurable Fields, Leave Type, Policy, Holiday List etc.

All organizations have different Leave policies and procedures and need a flexible system like FlowHCM that lets your HR customize the fields, policies etc. that best fits with the organizational & HR needs.

  • Auto Updates Leaves

Manual updation is time taking, having tendency to errors and useless if the HR staff spends hours to compute and update the leave balances/records. The best HRMS calculates all automatically!

The Leave management module of FlowHCM tracks the leave history and automates it directly into the system where the employees and HR both can check Leaves-balance, and earlier utilized Leaves-History.

  • Customizable Approval Workflow

To ensure a streamlined approval process this module allows customizable workflows. One can define department wise or non-department wise hierarchy for multiple approvers.

  • Seamless Integration

FlowHCM Leave Management module offers seamless integration with other HR modules like payroll management system, attendance management system etc. It saves time, enables cross-functional reporting and eliminates errors with automation.

  • At-a-Glance Reporting

This module also offers comprehensive reports based on the stored data. Leave balance report, yearly leaves record & leave register employee-wise, leave calendar with date range and leave trend analysis in addition Leave dashboard.

Reports can also be customized as per need or the policy; like employee-wise and division-wise reports etc. 

Benefits of Using a FlowHCM Leave Management System

To ensure the smooth functioning of HR operations, a good leave management system like FlowHCM Modules is important as it provides a single-handled platform that manages all employees’ leave/vacation requests smartly with predefined approval workflow.

A robust leave management software helps in;

  • Seamless Integration with Payroll.
  • ESS Feature minimizes the burden of HR.
  • Application and approval of leave via Mobile App.
  • Lessens/Eliminates paperwork.
  • No unnecessary manual interventions.
  • Real-time visibility of data.
  • Follows legal compliance and policies.
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