How does Biometric Attendance System work with HCMS?

Biometric Attendance system work
Generally, a Biometric attendance System functions on the technology scanning fingerprints, face, or retina to record the attendance of the employees. As soon as an employee enters the office and punches in or out in the machine, the data goes to the database and matches it with the existing employee information.

Now, since the Biometric Attendance machine is interconnected and synchronized with the HCM software then the attendance of the staff is marked easily. This information further goes into the payroll module for disbursement of monthly salary of employees, considering absents marked, late arrivals, overtime, leaves, etc.

One of the best HCM systems that integrate well with the biometric machines and embed well with the payroll solution is FlowHCM.

It has the most effective features as compared to the other HR systems available in the market. From Employee’s profile and data management to payroll processing, pay-slip reports, remuneration verification, tax and compliance policies, deductions and bonuses, Performance, Hiring, Training, Separation management, and Manpower budgeting, it has got all!

No doubt FlowHCM is the best amalgamation of a Biometric  attendance System; Time Attendance and comprehensive Payroll Software along with the various other HCM Modules.

In a nutshell, biometric technology scans a person’s unique physical characteristics, creates a record, and then the HR software matches that record against the list of an existing database of employees. When an appropriate match is found, a person’s identity is authenticated. 

Biometric methodologies that work well with HCMS

Though there are several methodologies that work well with the HCMS:

  • Fingerprint Verification –It deals with the recording of daily attendance via Fingerprint recognition and is considered the most common biometric technology. Meanwhile, the employee fingerprints data is timely stored in the system. Fingerprint Verification is fast and easy as the employee has to just press a fingertip against the time clock screen in order to punch attendance.
  • Facial Recognition –Another way is Facial recognition. This biometric technique scans facial characteristics of humans, where the machine recognizes the features of the human face, jawlines, and eyes, etc. These days biometric machines that use facial recognition are growing popular, especially where a large force of workers is involved. It’s as good and easy as snapping a photo. The face recognition biometric machines are well-equipped with HD cameras and the technology can easily be incorporated with mobile time tracking apps for smartphones too.
  • Other Biometric Methods– These include hand geometry or retinal/iris recognition. Also, some machines recognize voice too.

Does it take employees longer to clock in or out biometrically? 

No, it’s fast and comfortable. All that we need is the employees’ data. Once employees’ data is into the system database, then scanning fingerprints or face recognition on daily basis is fast and accurate moreover entering a PIN or showing an RFID card are also other ways of marking attendance.

The HR Benefits of Biometric Time and Attendance

The most important feature for any HR management is to keep track of their employees’ time and attendance with improved performance thereby.

Employers lose billions each year if they can’t control time theft and don’t have any proper visibility over employees’ attendance. Today biometric time and attendance system is a key for any HR department to track employees’ arrival and departure from any location.

It’s seen that when attendance is marked through pin codes/passwords and swipe/RFID/show cards, then time theft is a common element in many firms; friends and colleagues punching is one of the common problems and is the hardest challenge to prevent and catch when one employee punches in or out for another.

However, here comes the importance of biometric machines when employers experience payroll losses. Moreover, the biometric attendance hardware helps employers in calculations of wages and settlements of the employee salary with the help of HCM/Payroll software; also giving proper track report of daily/weekly/monthly working and leaves history without any doubt of human error.

The analytics helps employers to manage their staff and workforce more efficiently and effectively.

In today’s competitive market biometric time and attendance is not just an HR requirement but a practical tool to improve workforce performance and labor efficiency. Nevertheless, this very critical aspect of HR management is helping businesses thrive and grow.

Benefits of using FlowHCM Biometric Attendance System

FlowHCM Biometric Attendance System helps HR to streamline the Attendance function of the workforce. It also; 

  • Increases the accuracy of the payroll management of the firm.
  • Helps the payroll and accounts department with increased efficiency.
  • Eliminates time theft, friends/buddy punching is removed.
  • Improves the employees’ accountability and employees are more punctual and more productive.
  • Proper Attendance trends/data is saved and analytical reports help in critical decision making.


Today with the advancement of technology, state-of-the-art HR systems with cutting-edge technologies also Biometric Time and Attendance machines are the need of HR professionals/departments of every company.

Thus, the cloud-based HCM system, FlowHCM is always there to manage and streamline their technological HR needs.

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