7 Reasons complete HR Software

7 Reasons Why FlowHCM is a complete HR Software

The industry has seen many great software’s introduced in the past few decades that focused on solving the industry problems. HRIS was introduced and evolved into HCM, which we covered in our last blog why hcm softwares are a big win for organizations. Many HCMs were introduced in the industry, but all had a tradeoff. Some software’s offered great solutions but were unable to integrate with ERP solutions, and some were able to integrate but did not offer reliable solutions.

FlowHCM came into the market with all of those features and integration options. This was a breakthrough in the market, and companies started to quickly acquire FlowHCM, which resulted in FlowHCM becoming the fastest-growing HR software in Pakistan with 500+ clients in just a small period of 5 years. Not only FlowHCM won the P@SHA ICT award in 2021, but it was also nominated for APICTA awards.

Let’s discuss 7 reasons why FlowHCM is considered to be a complete HR software.

  1. Comprehensive Software Covering Whole Employee Journey:
  2. Integration With ERP Solutions:
  3. Mobile Application:
  4. Software Customization:
  5. User-Friendly Interface:
  6. Analytics & Reporting:
  7. Excellent Customer Support:

1- Comprehensive Software Covering Whole Employee Journey:

FlowHCM is a comprehensive Human Resource Management Solution that covers all the aspects of an employee’s journey from recruitment to separation. FlowHCM offers 15 modules, including recruitment management, performance management, payroll management, time and attendance management tracking, benefits administration, and more. This makes it a one-stop shop for all HR-related tasks, providing businesses with reliable and efficient HR software that can help them manage their HR operations more efficiently.

2- Integration With ERP Solutions:

FlowHCM’s ability to integrate with ERP Solutions such as SAP, Oracle, Microsft Dynamics 360, and others makes it a complete HR software that helps businesses make the most out of it, not just concerning performance but also cost efficiency. Integrating ERP solutions enables businesses to streamline their HR operations, reduce errors, and plan & analyse with improved data accuracy.

3- Mobile Application:

Another reason that FlowHCM is a complete software is because it offers a mobile application for its users on both android and iOS platforms. This means that no matter which platform is being used, FlowHCM is there for its users. This feature allows employees to access HR information and perform HR-related tasks from anywhere, anytime, enhancing HR operations’ flexibility and mobility.

4- Software Customization:

FlowHCM can be customized per the requirements of clients, making it implementable for every company of every industry regardless of the nature of their business. This is why FlowHCM has been implemented across 25+ industry verticals in which over 500+ companies have been seamlessly relying on FlowHCM without any hassle. Not only is the whole software customizable, but also Management can assign anyone a certain role with limited controls and rights that too are customizable.

5- User-Friendly Interface:

FlowHCM has a user-friendly interface that makes it very easy for everyone, from top management to low-tier employees. The UI/UX has been designed with in-depth research based on real-time user testing. FlowHCM is as easy as a social media application, enhancing user adoption and reducing training requirements.

6- Analytics & Reporting:

Analytics and reporting are crucial for any business looking to make data-driven decisions. With FlowHCM, companies have access to real-time data and customizable reports that can provide insights into their workforce. FlowHCM offers various standard reports covering everything from attendance and leaves management to performance appraisals and recruitment metrics.

7- Excellent Customer Support:

Lastly, FlowHCM is widely appreciated across the industry for its excellent customer support. With customer support responding in just 5 minutes, FlowHCM provides excellent customer support, which is crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction. This is an essential feature, as providing reliable and efficient HR software is insufficient if the customers do not receive the required support and services.


FlowHCM is a complete HR software that offers comprehensive solutions for businesses of all sizes and industries. With its ability to integrate with ERP solutions, mobile applications, software customization, user-friendly interface, and excellent customer support, it has become the fastest-growing HR software in Pakistan, serving over 500 clients in 9+ countries in just the period of five years. With its numerous modules covering the entire employee journey, FlowHCM is like a one-stop shop for all HR-related tasks, making it a popular choice for companies looking for reliable, smart, cost effective, and efficient HR software.


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